All surgeries or injuries that transect the skin, heal through a natural process called a scar. Planned incisions are generally placed along relaxed skin tension lines or in natural folds. This makes the scar less noticeable with normal healing. Traumatic injuries do not usually follow that course. Additionally, scars may heal poorly due to tension, infection or keloid formation, where fibrous tissue continues to grow outside of the normal confines of the repair. Raised Scars are termed hypertrophic. Depressed scars may result if the wound edges did not stay together during healing. Minor scars can soften and flatten in response to topical silicone products. Many hypertrophic scars can be satisfactorily improved with sequential injections of a medication called Kenalog. If this is ineffective, serial laser treatments can sometimes be helpful. In cases where there is enough available skin to avoid creating undo tension, a scar can be removed and even redirected when it is felt it will likely heal better the second time. Although face lift scars heal well in the majority of cases, I am committed to helping attain the best final outcome from your procedures. Additionally, scars from other injuries can be evaluated for possible treatment options.