First impressions are established within a second, and the face and eyes are the first thing someone notices about you.  As we age, we have no recourse but to have cosmetic surgery if we want to look and feel our best.  Unfortunately, even our bone structure changes as we get older; everything starts to sag and wrinkle, and we continue to age whether we like it or not.   When we see a person that is advanced in years, we automatically think of them as timeworn.  Society values youth and vitality in everyone, and more importantly, in the work place.  If you are fifty or older, most people will view you as looking tired and possibly past your prime – even though you are not!

A rejuvenation is what you need and want, and once you choose to have cosmetic surgery, new opportunities often follow with your youthful appearance and renewed outlook on life.

The facial plastic surgery industry and the many choices patients have for rejuvenation through surgical and non-surgical techniques are constantly evolving and many people are taking advantage of getting some fine-tuning done to their faces or their bodies.  Years ago, cosmetic treatments were available only to the privileged few. Today, most cosmetic procedures are much safer with more affordable treatment options available to the vast majority.  In fact, the desire to maintain a youthful appearance has become a cultural norm.  We all want to be regarded as healthy and capable.  There are many reasons why aging accelerates at a faster pace that we would like; some hormonal influences, stress and dietary habits, lack of exercise, sun and the environment.   A good maintenance program begins with good skin care and more importantly, by starting a good regimen at a young age.  However, don’t despair, help is in reach and Dr. Fink is ready to help you.

Before the explosion of the aesthetic market at the beginning of this century, options were mostly limited to traditional surgery done under general anesthesia, but today, you can have a face lift under local anesthesia.  To attain better results, procedures were pushed to their limits, resulting in more complications and patients that were not happy with how they looked.  With the advancement of biophysics we now have a variety of less invasive procedures with lower risk and quicker recovery times.  Blending these two with modified surgical options, rejuvenation of the face can now be accomplished in a safe, natural and modified approach.  There are procedures to fit a variety of budgets and lifestyles, and at Newport Faces Cosmetic Surgery, Dr Stephen Fink has a comprehensive approach for every patient.

Dr. Fink integrates his 25 years of surgical experience with the emerging non-surgical aesthetic options.  The good news is that there are a lot of different methods that can be used in helping reverse the signs of aging…gracefully.

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