The eyes are one of your most expressive

features. Your eyes communicate mood, emotions, level of energy and interest. Aging eyes may unintentionally give the wrong impressions if they appear tired, sad or angry. Surgery of the eyelids or brow may help prematurely aging men reduce brow and eyelid heaviness , under eye puffiness, skin excess and wrinkles. This helps make the eyes look brighter and more energetic to better reflect how you feel when you are happy and confident. Most important is to maintain eyelid function and natural appearance so that you are more attractive and can communicate effectively.
Eye Lift surgery (Blepharoplasty) for men can be peformed on the upper eyelids, the lower eyelids and in combination with a brow lift when indicated. These procedures rejuvenate the eye area by softening brow heaviness, removing redundant or sagging skin, and reducing puffiness from the lower lids. This allows the eyes to appear brighter. These procedures are often combined with face and neck lift surgery, laser resurfacing among other non-surgical enhancement procedures like botox and fillers.


For most men, changes in the upper eyelid are due to excess skin and sometimes muscle. Sometimes fat will bulge forward from around the eye socket. This can also be accentuated by descent of the brow. The desired amount of skin excess is carefully determined by measurements before the surgery, to preserve adequate skin for proper eye function: proper closure to protect the eye and keep it moist. The incision is inconspicously placed in the natural eyelid crease where it heals extremely well within 2-3 weeks. The eyelid contour is sculpted to a more youthful contour. The surgery is routinely performed under local anesthesia in the office setting. Any bruising can usually be covered with makeup within days.


Lower eyelid puffiness can be accentuated by many factors like allergies, lack of sleep and too much salt and alcohol in the diet. Dark circles can be from pigment changes in the skin, slow circulation and often shadowing cast by overhead light on bulges . Puffiness that is always present as we age is usually from orbital fat that is bulging forward which also distends the overlying skin and muscle. Many male patients state they have had lower eyelid fullness most of their life as this can also be hereditary and increases with age. Surgery does not cure the inflammation of allergies or intermittant swelling from dietary excess or lack of sleep. However, bulging fat and loose skin can be reduced improving an inappropriate appearance of tiredness. When excess skin is present, an incision hidden just below the eyelash line (sub-ciliary) is used to perform the surgery and tighten up the lower eyelid. Sometimes volume needs to be added in the form of fat transfer or repositioning. Fractional CO2 Laser can be used to treat sun damage, firm eyelid skin and soften fine lines. Additionally, non-surgical fillers and botox can be utilized in combination with or without surgery to soften fine wrinkles, smooth depressions and rejuvenate the eyes. All of these procedures are typically performed under local anesthesia in my Newport Beach facility.


There are many types of browlift procedures. Because I specialize in procedures

under local anesthesia, I offer a lateral browlift procedure for men from the hairline of the temple. Alternatively, a modified direct browlift procedure works well for many men who want a conservative mid to lateral brow elevation or for stabilization. This can be accomplished through a small incision directly above the brow.

Candidiates for Eyelift procedures

You are a candidate for eye lift procedures if you have any of the following:

  • Loose, baggy skin skin above or below the eye
  • Impaired vision due to overhanging skin excess
  • Tired look to your eyes from puffiness that is always present
  • Fatty deposits around your eyes


You can expect to see results within a week once the initial swelling starts to resolve. The thin pink scars in the upper eyelid crease or lower eyelash line will fade over time. Mild swelling may be intermittent based on your activities for several weeks. The goal is a natural rejuvenated appearance. Most of our male patients enjoy the benefits of eyelid procedures for many years. Depending on your age and other lifestyle factors, you may repeat an eyelid procedure more than once in your lifetime.