Collagen provides the strength and elastic quality of the skin and is found in the deep dermis. The skin on the neck is more prone to scarring after laser treatment because it lacks the amount of glandular structures found higher in the face. These help facilitate the regeneration of new skin. Therefore, treatments penetrating the skin to reach the collagen need to be more conservative to avoid complications in this area. This can limit the results. Trademarked and FDA approved by Cynosure in 2006, smart lipo employs an Nd:YAG laser beneath the skin to heat the collagen layer and disrupt fat cells. This results in further tightening and collagen growth for up to six months. There is also less bleeding and bruising during recovery. I have used this in combination with my face lift procedure over the past few years to lessen recovery time. It is also beneficial in secondary face lift procedures for improving skin contour.