A deficient chin is best recognized as an imbalance in facial profile. Most of the time, it is developmental, but the chin also recedes with age. When it is accompanied by a significant under bite, it may be treated by surgical lengthening of the jaw. If the bite is normal, a solid chin implant can be a simple way to restore balance to the profile. An implant can be positioned on the bone of the chin where it will provide a solid look and feel. The procedure takes about 30 minutes. Once balance is restored, the results are quite satisfying. Adequate skeletal framework also improves satisfaction with the results of the face lift.

Chin Augmentation

Interestingly, chin augmentation is a straight forward procedure that can make both, a natural change and a dramatic improvement in self confidence for many people. Sometimes other surgeries of the jawbone are necessary to adjust the alignment of the teeth. These procedures  can be complex with a difficult recovery. When the dental occlusion is essentially normal and the concern is primarily cosmetic,  a chin implant is a great option.  An aesthetically pleasing profile is defined by the projection of forehead, nose,  lips and chin. An under projected chin creates an imbalance.  It will draw attention to a dominant nose or limit the definition of the jaw and neck angle. For this reason, chin augmentation is sometimes combined with reduction rhinoplasty, neck liposuction or a facelift.  Without it, results of  these procedures can be dissappointing. A dominant nose will still appear large.  A  facelift will have less definition  of the jawline and  neck  angle due to  inadequate support of the soft tissues.  Chin Augmentation provides a natural aesthetic balance  that will instantly bolster your confidence.

Who should consider a implant?

– If you are self conscious about a weak chin (many men will grow a beard to add projection and balance).
– If you feel unattractive in photos showing your profile because your chin doesn’t match your face.
– If it is recommended by Dr Fink to achieve definition and balance  or to enhance other facial surgery.

How is the procedure performed?

An incision is made inside the mouth or under the chin and pocket is prepared for the implant.  An implant made of solid silicone (my preference) or other inert material is  selected for appropriate size. The implant is  placed against  the bone of the chin and secured in place. Many people are concerned that a chin implant will look unnatural, but with the proper size, the result is balanced and appropriate.  The implant will look and feel natural  as an extension of  your chin.

What can I expect after the procedure?

Sutures are removed after one week.  Icing is helpful to reduce bruising and swelling during the first several days. Most men and women are back to their regular routine in one to two weeks, depending on additional procedures performed.

Is the procedure permanent?

Most of the time, chin implants remain in place for life. Although it is known that the facial skeleton changes with age, the implant will remain the same size and shape. As a solid material, there  is no leaking of silicone. It can be fairly easily removed however, should there ever be a reason for it.

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