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Redefine yourself with the help of one of the top facial plastic surgeons in Orange County. Undergoing facial plastic surgery can be one of the most important decisions you ever make, and as a discerning patient you will stand for nothing less than effortlessly natural elegance along with uncompromised safety. We aim to make your transformative journey one of serenity, reward and deep satisfaction, delivering some of the best Facial Plastic Surgery Newport Beach has to offer.

Dr. Stephen Fink

Dr. Stephen Fink
Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

You look in the mirror, and what do you see? You see an older you…..40, 50, 60, 70?  Inside, you feel like you’re still in your 20’s, right?

Dr. Fink has been delivering great and natural results for his patients for over a decade. He understands the question that you long to ask – will I look like me after surgery, or will I look like so many other people that are scary to look at? After all, your unique facial idiosyncrasies that define your individuality are yours and yours alone and you don’t want that to change, right? Well, Dr. Fink doesn’t want to change you either! He is an experienced facial plastic surgeon that has performed thousands of face and neck lifts under local anesthesia. Feel confident that you are in good hands and you will look like yourself, just younger and more refreshed looking.

Call Newport Faces Cosmetic Surgery for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Fink, and start looking back at yourself in the mirror with confidence and better self-esteem. Today.

Dr. Fink’s patients always tell him that their experience was wonderful and their results brought them immense satisfaction, and a calm knowing that they selected the very best surgeon and knew they were in good hands.


Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Stephen Fink specializes in minimally invasive procedures that are done under local anesthesia using state of the art techniques. He knows how important it is that his patients have a natural and youthful appearance after their surgery, without having ‘the look’ of someone who had surgery.


Fly In Program

At Newport Faces, we have a dedicated staff experienced with out of town and out of country patients. Please reach out to us with any of your questions or concerns. We strive to provide you with the best experience possible.

Our Recent Posts

  • Dr. Fink is a kind, caring and proficiently skilled Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon. I have seen him twice, both times doing the Newport Faces procedure in the last 10 years and both times the results were 100% perfect and seamless and beautiful in every way. I was thrilled with the results. He listens closely to your concerns and does exactly what is needed and asked for – nothing more. He is the highly experienced and well-trained which makes him the consummate Professional and clearly is passionate about what he does. My results prove that. He never makes you feel rushed and asks lots of questions about your facial or aging concerns. He is a Master at restoring ones ‘youth.’ I’ve recommended him to many of my friends and will continue to do so. They, too, ALL loved the procedures he performed on them. Even though his offices are not close at all to where I live, his workmanship is worth the drive, trust me!

    Shauna M. On Yelp
  • Dr. Fink, is one of the most compassionate plastic surgoens my boyfriend and I have had the privlige of interacting with. My boyfriend is a retired weightlifter and MMA fighter and was not happy with how he looked. As he has gotten older his skin that once housed very large muscles did not snap back all the way so he had more sagging around his face and neck than he was happy with so, when he heard of Dr. Fink he made an appointment to see him. During his consultation Dr. Fink informed him about everything he could expect and suggested he also do his eyes as it would enhance his outcome. My boyfriend biggest concern was having noticable scars because he shaves his head. Dr. Fink assured him that his technique would minimize the scars.He was there to help us with anything we needed during the healing process by prescribing healing techniques and watching him closely. His outcome was even better than we had expected and his scars are barely noticeable. Dr. Fink cares deeply about his patients he not only is a talented Surgeon he is a man of his word. We would recommend Dr. Fink to anyone who wants a surgeon to improve how they look and feel about themselves.

    Maria J. On Yelp
  • I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation for your kindness and dedication during my surgery. Thank you for your time, efforts, wisdom and patience during the whole procedure. You have given me more confidence and I feel great! It’s time to give credit where it is due-competent, remarkably sensitive and knowledgeable physicians like you are the prize of the medical profession. Thanks again!

    Mayra G. On Yelp
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